Construction Receipt


Whenever you want to get construction done on your property whether it is office, house or any other portion of the constructed building, you hire a construction company. Even if you are a construction company you would need to present your clients with an invoice for the professional services you render.

A construction receipt is a contract displaying information about payments made and received in that capacity. In any construction project, the client and construction company sign a legal contract. Terms and conditions for the project are mentioned in the contract according to mutual understanding. The payment released is also according to the milestones set in the contract. A very important document in the whole process is the construction receipt.


The construction receipt template holds the item wise detail about the services provided by the construction company along with the payments received for these services respectively. Apart from the payment and services details, the receipt also holds information about the name of the client, the contact details of the client, the name of the construction company, contact details of the Construction Company, the reference of the milestone as per the contract, the date of the payment, the amount of tax deduction and the mode of payment.

The receipt can be used by the customers, the Construction Company, and suppliers. There are a number of templates available and you can choose the one that suits your requirements. You can also get them pre printed or use the soft copies of web correspondence.


construction receipt



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