Chief Financial Officer Resume

The chief financial officer is the head of the finance department who is hired to perform the tasks related to the financial risks of the firm. Financial reporting, as well as financial planning, is also done by the chief financial officer (CFO). Any person who wants to apply for the job post of CFO in any firm is required to prepare a resume for a chief financial officer. It is very important to prepare a winning resume to make yourself stand out.

Your resume should be able to reflect your potential and capabilities. It should tell the recruiter why you should be preferred on another applicant. Highlighting the skills and achievements can serve the purpose of preparing a distinctive resume.

Before you submit your resume to any company, make sure that you have written it in the right format. There should not be any unnecessary details in the resume that can make it longer as the recruiter does not have time to read the long resumes. Here is a sample resume that can help you prepare a winning resume for the post of chief financial officer.

Sample Resume


A great individual with vast experience of eight years. I have experience in dealing with people for successful business operations and have an expert hand in implementing financial controls. I have worked in XYZ corporation and have got much knowledge about many financial processes that helped me solve the financial problems of the company.

A highly adept individual with a vast experience of more than 13 years in financial planning, management of financial risks, record-keeping and financial reporting. An innovative leader with excellent interpersonal communication and presentation skills to establish rapport with all levels of staff and management.


  • A highly focused professional who is aimed at working at the post of chief financial officer in any well-established institute.
  • Another objective is to boost the skills by utilizing them in the day to day work routine.

Work experience:

I have worked as a chief financial officer at ABC Corporation from February 2011 to date

My key roles in this job are/were

  • Supporting and providing every possible help to the CEO of the firm in developing and starting a new business.
  • Developing a high-class finance team comprising of hardworking professionals that can contribute in giving strength to the finance of the company.
  • Controlling the staff working in the finance department of the firm to monitor the disciplined growth of the business.
  • Implementing the internal procedures of audits to reduce the cost and increase the revenue.
  • Design and implement new processes in the finance system to make it more accurate and efficient.
  • Managing all day to day activities including cash flow, managing treasury, etc.
  • Interviewing and selecting the audit firms that can successfully carry out the internal auditing procedures of the firm.
  • Investigating and resolving the findings of the audit.
  • Designing plans to increase the regional growth of the firm.

Core competencies:

  • Best in budgeting, forecasting and planning different activities.
  • Adept at advising the clients and collaborating with them through strong communication skills.
  • Capable enough to lead the vision of the entire finance department as well as the organization.
  • Experienced in negotiating and qualifying the investments.
  • Complete professional attitude with the ability to implement various strategies.

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