Charitable Gifts and Donation Tracker

Philanthropy is a new term very common these days. The term can be new, but the concept of giving has been very old. The Greeks introduced the concept of giving and utilizing the charity for a good cause. In 2500 BC, the Hebrews collected a mandatory tax which was used to help the poor people of the society.

The word philanthropy first appeared in 500 BCE, which means love for humanity. After that, the first Roman emperor gave the first-ever medical charity to an estimated people of around 200,000. And from there, a legacy of charity goes on. After this, Moses introduced eight levels of giving charity. In 1601 CE, the parliament introduced the CHARITABLE USES ACT OF 1601, which defined the purpose and uses of charity.

With the advent and establishment of charities, Harvard University raised its first fundraising event collecting around $500. And the event of the charities, fundraising, and establishing such institutes goes on till the present date.

Giving has always been a wonderful feeling. When you know that you are the reason behind building a better life for a person, it gives you more pleasure and happiness. So, you do not only give to make others feel better but sometimes you give to make yourself feel better. Our world is not perfect and so is no nation or a government. Needy people will always be around. So will the need for charities and donations be there forever?

Charities provide you with a good way of not just donating your money but also connecting with the underprivileged individual of society. This provides us with a good way to connect with people and understand their problems. Not just we meet people, who are needy of our help, but we also meet other donors and we get to look at their vision and perspectives about giving charity.


Besides the human advantages, giving charity can also get you some waiver with your tax returns. With the registered charities, you get this option to waive off your tax and get some good exemptions. Once a donation has been made for a cause, it is very important to keep a track of all your donations. Most of the charities provide you with a receipt which acts as proof of the charity and the donations made. A summary of the donations in a year can also be reviewed and this summary can be good proof near the tax time.

Charitable gifts and donation tracker template has been designed for the purpose. This template contains many useful features to keep track of all the charities being given. An organization with the purpose of receiving charity can make the best use of this template.

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