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A carpenter receipt is a receipt which acknowledges the transaction of money against services provided. Carpenter is the person who is responsible for maintenance and wood work done or repaired. A professional or a company that is hired to do the maintenance or wood works presents with a receipt for all the services done by them and the material they purchased to complete the task.

The carpenter receipt is of great importance, not just for record keeping at the carpenter’s end but also for future reference for the client who can consult it at a later stage to know what work was done and when was it done. So the date of the issuance of receipt is also very important.

The receipt holds information about the carpenter or the contractor company that is hired for a specific job. It also gives details about the client who hired the carpenter or the contractor company. Along with the personal details, the details of the job are mentioned as a description of the work assigned. The name of the carpenter, in case of the contractor company, is also mentioned. The number of the extra person and their charges are also described in the receipt under the field of labor.

The material, its quantity, suppliers, and manufacturers are also mentioned along with the unit price and the total price of the material purchased. The total payable amount by the client is the sum of the price of material and the labor. The mode of payment is also mentioned along with tax number and any advance payment made.

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Carpenter receipt



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