Affidavit of Heirship of a Child

Heirship is something serious. It is the legal right to get money, property, or even possessions from a person that has passed away. Different countries may have different heirship policies.

What is an Affidavit in Support of Heirship?

An affidavit in support of heirship may be employed at the time when someone dies and does not have a will. It is when the estate consists mainly of real property that is titled in the deceased’s name. This is an affidavit that is employed to identify heirs to real property at the time that the deceased passed away without a will.

What to Include in an Affidavit in Support of Heirship?

If you need to create an affidavit in support of heirship you can consider the below points:

  • Microsoft Word– This affidavit is a professional document. Therefore, do not write it. It can be typed in Microsoft Word.
  • State of– At the top of the document has the “State of” where the state will be given.
  • Heading- A heading needs to be given. For this, it will be “Affidavit of Heirship.”
  • Start– The start of the document will tell what the affidavit concerns, i.e. the Heirs of a certain estate. The name of the decedent needs to be given. There will be space for the name of the person concerned handling the affidavit.
  • Other information– What the person is agreeing to needs to be given. This can be in point form so that it is simple to read. The date of birth may need to be given to the person handling the affidavit. It should be clear that the individual knowns of the facts present and that they are a disinterested third party. They should not be the heir and have no interest in the decedent’s estate. The next point can tell when the person knew the decedent from till their death. It is necessary to know when the decedent died, where they died. Have a space to tell what the decedent’s legal residence was when they died. The decedent’s marital history needs to be given. If they were not married, then state this. It needs to be stated if the decedent did not leave any will. There will be a list of surviving heirs as well as their relationship to the decedent. A space for this should be present.
  • Signature– To make the document authentic the person making the affidavit and agreeing to the points needs to sign it.

Advantages of an Affidavit in Support of Heirship:

The advantages of an affidavit in support of heirship are:

  • Is a professional document that can be used in court when needed?
  • Helps to transfer assets to people after someone has died and has not left behind any will and testament
  • Is solid proof of this transfer

The affidavit in support of heirship is an important document that needs to be created carefully. You need to include all the important points required by law in the area you are staying in.


Sample Template

Subject: Letter stating heirship of a child 

I, notary public of Michigan State, USA, am hereby submitting a statement to concerned authorities about the heirship of a child, named Jackson, who appeared before me with his mother on the 1st of August in my office. Accepting me as the undersigned authority, he appeared before and sworn by me that is the only child of decedent named Mr. Johnson, he was fully acquainted with the deceased, having known him for a period of 18 years. The decedent died on 15th of July, 20XX and he was a resident of Park Lane street, Michigan State, USA. 

As per my demand, on the production of decedent’s death certificate, child’s birth certificate mentioning the child’s and his father name, and a federal tax return certificate duly signed by the state finance department, it was proved that the child was the only son of deceased and hence, on the basis of above-mentioned facts and after fulfilling all the requirements of being an heir, it is hereby stated by me that the above-mentioned child is a legitimate heir of the decedent, named Mr. Johnson. Concerned authorities are also requested to take this letter in favor of the said child.

A copy of the last will by decedent has also been attached to this letter for reference.



(Notary republic seal with name)

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