Affidavit in Support of Character

There comes a point in everybody’s life when they need to prove one’s character arises. Sometimes, you have to prove that you are a morally good person and you take a promise under the oath that what you have stated about your character is true.

The affidavit in support of character is written when someone wants to prove his/her character. Generally, this type of affidavit is used when someone wants to adopt a child. According to the rule of various states, child adoption is conducted when the presumed parents of the child are proved to be upright and moral. Anyone wanting to adopt the child needs to write the affidavit in support of character and submit it to the court.

When to write the affidavit in support of character?

Whenever there is a court of law involved in a matter, the need to write the affidavit in support of character arises. When someone wants to adopt the child or wants to take custody of the child, he or she will have to use this document. Furthermore, people who have to do anything with the court of law whether they are criminals or anyone seeking any type of legal help can make use affidavit in support of character.

Anyone wanting to create this affidavit can simply compose it in his computer and can then take the help from the lawyer if there are some special details to be added to it.

What should be added to the affidavit in support of character?

  1. Adding the details to this affidavit is a bit complex since it requires the person to know about various factors such as the relationship of the person with the recipient of the affidavit and the duration of relationship. As a matter of fact, longer the relationship, more authentic will be the affidavit. Therefore, adding the duration of the relationship in the affidavit is recommended.
  2. Mention all the qualities of the person receiving the affidavit. Try to mention the qualities that you have seen in the recipient over the course of your relationship with him/her.  
  3. Provide examples details in the affidavit that can portray the recipient of the affidavit as a generous person with plenty of work ethics.
  4. It should be kept in mind that the affidavit written in support of the character should only include the positive qualities of the recipient. These qualities should be supported with various examples so that your experience with the recipient can be authenticated.

Tips to write the affidavit in support of character:

While writing the affidavit, it should be kept in mind that you are swearing on what you are writing in the affidavit. Therefore, always make sure that you add right details to it which based on true facts and realities.

You should write everything in the affidavit in such a way that it can make the recipient believe that whatever you are stating in the affidavit in support of character is true.

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