Addressing Staff to Work from Home due to Coronavirus

If you are not feeling well and if you are heavenly sick, then choosing your way to work from home is the best option for you. There are so many companies and working organizations that do have the policy in which they do allow their staff employees to work from the home in case if they are facing some sort of health issues.

Now as we all know that the threat of Coronavirus has been spreading all over the world and in the middle of this whole crisis, all the office employees are being instructed to work from their home now. If you are working as the company HR, then there are some of the important guidelines about how you should be addressing your staff to work from home due to coronavirus.

Do it early

Sometimes most of the viruses of sickness will stay in your body even if you have completely recovered. So, in the middle of this whole scenario, it will be better to sit back at home and handle the whole work at the office premises. You can take a nap and later on choose your favorite hours when you want to work upon.

Inform your core group

You should not be neglecting to inform your core group as well. You should present a note to the main supervisor or the HR of the company, so it is in your support if the application stays in the company record. You should also try to stay in touch with the rest of the staff employees on the day to day basis. This will let your boss knows that still, you are in your professionalism even though if you are at home.

It would not be wrong to say that the process of working through the home is becoming so much frequent with each day. This is because of the online work and cloud-connected groups which can be performed at any place and any hour. Communication with the employees can be performed through the video call system which can create some flexibility and balance in the personal and professional lifestyle.


Sample Letter:

I am extremely concerned about how the ailment of coronavirus has spread in the whole world and is affecting every second person. I am already affected by asthma and I have a risk of facing this ailment quickly in case if I did not take any sort of further precautions. So, in the middle of this whole scenario, I will request you to work from home until and unless the situation does not get back to normal.


Thank you.

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So, this is the end of the discussion about how you can address the whole staff to work from home during the situation of Coronavirus attack.  If you have a big staff then make sure in regard to their health safety and precautions, you should allow them all to work from home right from today.

Stay at home!

Stay safe!

More Samples


This official notification is being issued in view of the current Covid-19 crisis in the world. The safety of our employees and their families is one of our most important priorities. The employees are, therefore, required to work from home with effect from tomorrow, 17th March. This is mandatory for the entire staff with the exception of the members of the Operations department who will work on a rotation basis.

All official meetings will be conducted through video conferencing. Business communication with clients will also be maintained through digital media. All domestic and international business trips have been postponed until further notice. Any business-critical travel trips will be subject to approval by the higher management. We need to work together in order to maintain the functionality of our organization so that we are able to continue to provide our services to our clients.

This special mode of action will continue until the 31st of March. Further decisions will be taken depending on whether the Covid-19 situation gets better or worsens. 

Employees may contact their respective supervisors or managers in case of any queries. Stay safe.

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In accordance with the Government orders, ABC Corporation has decided to bring into action a work-from-home strategy for all employees with immediate effect. This action is crucial for maintaining social distancing in order to prevent the further spread of this alarmingly rising novel disease.

Employees will maintain remote communication with respective managers, team members, and other colleagues through email, WhatsApp and phone calls. We must make an effort to maintain our pace of work while avoiding the pandemic.

The normal office will resume as per the next Government directives. In the meantime, you are all advised to avoid leaving the house unnecessarily. Ensure your safety as well as your family’s. We hope these difficult times are over soon.

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Dear Employees,

We are facing an emergency as the outbreak of the Coronavirus puts the world through an unprecedented crisis situation. Our country has also been engulfed. The number of cases has been increasing in the USA alarmingly since the last week.

In this scenario, it is our responsibility to play our part in preventing the further spread of the disease. Health organizations worldwide are emphasizing the importance of social distancing. It is a simple yet indispensable strategy for blocking the further spread of the virus from individual to individual. The company is, hereby, adopting a compulsory work from the home policy effective immediately till further notice.

The company values the health and safety of its employees. We must also ensure that our business does not suffer. The continuity of quality services for our clients in this hour of crisis is also an important responsibility for us.  Therefore, all employees are directed to work as efficiently as possible from the safety of their homes. The new guidelines for work will be emailed to each department shortly.

The company has set up a special helpline for its employees in case of any work-related issues. You may dial [X] or send an email to [email protected] to reach the support team 24×7. Additionally, we have also set up an Emergency Response Team in collaboration with XYZ Health Centre. In case the employees or their families face any health-related issue, dial [X]. The organizations have facilitated the employees through these support teams so that they can focus on their work while we take care of them during this critical situation.

We strongly advise you to avoid crowded places and gatherings. It is best to stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary to go out. It is also advised that you stay calm and avoid any panic spread through mendacious news by social media. Kindly go to (website address) or visit the WHO website for authentic information about Covid-19 and the current situation.

We hope to come through the crisis soon. Wish you all safety and health.

Best Regards


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