Accounting Clerk Resume

Accounting clerks are those professionals who are responsible for handling the accounting and bookkeeping tasks. They are also responsible for reconciling the bills and to perform collection related activities. Account clerk resume is such type of professional document which is designed to summarize the experience and qualification details of the clerk. The resume is very important to be designed in such a way that the recruiter can consider hiring you immediately. It also reflects what are your skills and competencies and those areas in which you can perform better than anyone else.

There are different tasks that can be assigned to an accounting clerk however, the tasks which are purely managed by the accounting clerk are related to accounting.

Sample Resume:


Strong and profit-oriented independent accounting clerk with the high-quality client service record. Capable of starting and managing many accounting projects simultaneously. Ensures the accuracy and perfection in his accounting work. I am an organized individual who is aimed at providing all the details related to balance, payroll, the record of clients and lots of other details.

A talented person who has strong skills to deal with clients and to keep their record related to tax and other departments completely confidential. Attains all the knowledge related to business expenses. Works with a great passion for providing accurate and error-free reports to the accounting department of the company. An able and skilled individual who can work in any type of pressure. Adept at using accounting software.


My objectives are:

  • To work in such an environment where I can utilize my all skills and abilities.
  • Seeking a job position of an accounting clerk to manage the large accounting system of the company.
  • To work in such an environment where I can perform my duties well and can learn at the same time.
  • To provide assistance in designing payrolls, budgets and other financial reports.

Work Experience:

I have worked as an accounting clerk in ABC corporation from September 2008 to date

My key roles in this job are/were:

  • To prepare and maintain the accounting documents.
  • To handle large computerized accounting system of the company
  • To verify and post the details related to transactions being carried out each day
  • To complete the procedures and steps to be taken at the end of the closing month
  • To help my colleagues in the preparation of the budget.
  • To prepare bank account deposit files.
  • To provide all the possible clerical support to the accounting department of the company
  • To implement new procedures for account receivables.

Technical skills:

  • Adept at performing general clerical and administrative duties well
  • Can organize the reports of inventory
  • Can input and maintain the financial and other related reports
  • Can prepare payroll related documents.
  • I have excellent knowledge of MS Office and Oracle

Core competencies:

  • Strong analyzing skills
  • Excellent verbal and written skills.
  • Proficient in English.
  • Analysis of the problem faced by the accounting department.
  • Efficiently prepares perfect financial reports without any error


Reference will be provided on request

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