Accounting Bookkeeper Resumes

The bookkeeping resume is the best way to showcase your bookkeeping experience. Make sure that you write this resume in such a way that it can reflect all your skills related to bookkeeping.

All the essential details should be provided in this resume in a persuasive way. The sample resume for this job post can be used for the junior bookkeeper to the most senior one. Make it sure that you have highlighted your skills in your resume such that it can reflect your experience related to bookkeeping. Your resume should show your employer that you are the most suitable person for that job position.

Sample Resume


A technically skilled person with extensive experience in bookkeeping. Capable enough to prepare financial statements with complete accuracy. Adept at managing payroll and payroll of staff. Proficient in using accounting software for different processes related to accounting. A bright and sharp minded person who is known for his integrity and hardworking.

A competent individual with experience of more than 6 years in the field of accounting. Strong ability to recognize discrepancies. Strong organizational skills that make me contribute to the improvement of the company significantly. Efficient in the use of computerized accounting systems.

A goal oriented person who is always driven towards providing the best financial performance. Responsible for performing many company accounts and with strong will power and confidence to face the challenges during the job role. A dedicated worker who has strong abilities to work with new technologies and applications.



My objectives are:

  • To secure a job position as a full charge bookkeeper in an established company.
  • Seeking the bookkeeping job position to work in a challenging environment.
  • Looking for a company that can provide me with the environment where I can work to learn and to polish my skills
  • To work as an independent worker in any company where I can take decisions regarding bookkeeping independently and can respond to all the challenges faced by me during my work.
  • To boost my analytical and reporting skills

Work experience:

I have worked in various organizations in different important positions. All the positions required expertise and key roles. It includes

  • To keep an eye on accounting transactions
  • To prepare financial statements and financial reports
  • Produce financial summaries of the whole month
  • Verifies the purchase orders of the company
  • Maintain assets of the company
  • Helps co-workers in budget preparation
  • Analyze the financial data and prepares the financial reports on the basis of the data
  • To complete end closings of the month
  • To manage all the accounts of the company and to process monthly payroll

Technical skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of many complex computer bases software to process different accounting details.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Outstanding skills to maintain the inventory

Core competencies:

  • Ability to solve problems
  • Can manage confidentiality
  • Attention to details
  • Best organizational and planning skills
  • Extensive knowledge of different techniques related to accounting
  • Skilled in dealing with several accounting processes simultaneously

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