Withheld Delivery Notice Template

People get attracted to the products and place their order at the company for getting the products. The supplier or the company delivers it on time to the doorstep of the customer’s company or home. The vendor or supplier may withhold the shipping of the order due to any sort of reason. The supplier has to inform the buyer about the withholding of the delivery along with the reason associated with it.

When both the parties make a deal or agreement, then the buyer sends the purchase order to the supplier in order to receive his order. After getting the payment, the vendor becomes legally responsible for shipping the products to the buyer on time. If the delivery of the order gets delayed and the buyer is unaware of the reason for the delay, then he would feel it like the breaching of the purchase order. Hence, it is considered mandatory to explain the reason for withholding the delivery to the buyer. By this way, the trust would be maintained.


It can be used when the buyer fails to give the payment on time. In case of bouncing of the buyer’s check, the vendor may send the withheld delivery notice to him. It may be delayed if the seller took much time in arranging the goods to be shipped. Whatever the reason of delay would be, it should be informed to the buyer through sending this notice to him. If there is some fault of the buyer leading to the delay of shipping then the delivery can be delayed. Failure to pay would lead to the canceling of order.

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Withheld Delivery Notice Template


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