Vertical Design Photo ID Badges

What is Vertical Design Badge?

We witness the use of identity cards everywhere. The significance of these Identity badges cannot be denied. The prestigious and reputed company or organization focus much in providing the employee photo ID badge to the staff members which act as the security and valid authentication proof that the employee is working in that particular organization. These employee photo ID badges are available in various designs and schemes. Among these, the most popular and highly used is the vertical design employee photo ID badge. Every newly hired employee is allotted their specific photo ID badge for their identity. The well designed vertical employee ID badge is the one which reflects the worth and prestige of company and organization. It is also great for leaving a fabulous impression on the viewer.

Following are the important details that are added in every ID badge whether it is horizontal or vertical design layout.


Employee Photo:

The main element of the vertical design employee photo ID badge has a slot for placing the employee photo so that everybody can recognize the employee’s identity.

Employee Details:

In addition to the employee photo, the rudimentary employee details are mentioned too such as employee full name, his joining date, and phone number. We provide the professionally designed employee photo ID badge in the vertical format.You can get it in the color that your company demand. Wearing it on the neck lets the people aware about your identity regarding your company.

Company Details:

It also contains the name of the remarkable company, organization or agency in which the employee is working. The company identity i.e the company logo can be placed on it.

Vertical Design Employee Photo ID Badge in MS Word Format:

The companies should keep the vertical design ID badge for their staff. We design these badges in a highly professional way that would benefit the companies and provide their employee remarkable identity.

  • MS Word file format: Fill all the details regarding ID badges in the Microsoft Word format.
  • Printable: Once you are done with editing go to PRINT -> Print the ID badge
  • Reusable format: Reusable format allow you to prepare the same ID Badge for a number of employees in your organization. Fill the details & PRINT for each employee.
  • Professional design: A completely professional look with so much ease. This free template is a blessing for anyone who is in need of this because of its professional design & no effort.
  • Customizable: Edit it according to your company’s need and policies.

Preview and Details of Templates

Vertical Design Employee Photo ID Badge


ID Badge in Blue

File: Word (.doc) 2003+ and iPad
Size 63 Kb | Download

Size: 2.13″ x 3.38″

[Personal Use Only]

Vertical Design Employee Photo ID Badge


ID Badge in Grey

File: Word (.doc) 2003+ and iPad
Size 48 Kb | Download

Size: 2.13″ x 3.38″

[Personal Use Only]