A truck service or tow truck service is usually required in a situation when you are facing some problems with your commuting vehicle. A tow truck service can be of different kinds depending on the kind of problem and vehicle. The receipt showing the binding agreement between the vendor or service provider and the customer is called the tow truck service receipt.

The receipt is a detailed instrument showing all the required information about the company and the customer including the terms of the agreement between them. The receipt also shows the kind of service given, the time for which the service was availed, the distance or mileage covered, who ordered a tow, the equipment involved, the labor force involved etc. The reason for ordering a tow can be a different e.g accident, flat tire, theft, broken down, out of gas, arrested or locked out etc.

Apart from all that the model and make of the vehicle and the method of payment is also listed on the receipt. In addition to that, the name of the tow operator and his signatures are also provided along with the name of the person who can get the vehicle released from the tow truck services. There are a number of formats available on the Internet for tow truck receipt templates but generally, the information is similar. Selecting the right template for yourself depends on the size of your company and the kinds of tow services your company provides.



Truck receipt template


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