Tips to Write a Professional Resignation Letter

Saying goodbye to anyone is one of the hardest parts of life that everyone goes through. When you have decided to quit your job, the best way to do this is by writing your decision in writing. When you invest your time and emotions at your workplace, you and everyone at the work gets emotionally attached to each other.

Moreover, you are also considered as the best person working in that position. Suddenly resigning from the job is hard for everyone to digest. For this, it is important to write a professional resignation letter so that you can put the right words in the right place.


Here are 5 best tips to help you write a perfect resignation letter:

  1. Keep your resignation letter short

When you have decided to do something, you must do it at any cost. You don’t need to give lengthy explanations to the employer while leaving. The resignation letter is a formal document which is always kept short and concise. Don’t forget to add necessary details to it. If you want to say something in detail, then go for a private meeting with the employer where you will be able to tell everything in detail in a long conversation.

  1. Keep your tone professional:

The tone of the resignation letter should be professional no matter how much friendly you have been with your employer. The nature of resignation letter demands to be dealt in an appropriate manner so that a positive message can be delivered.

Keep the language of the letter totally professional. There are several ethics related to language that is required to be followed by a professional resignation letter.

  1. State your intentions of leaving:

The intentions to resign should be clearly described in the letter. You can state that you have decided to work with a new company or any other reason that clearly describes your decision of quitting.

It is recommended to stay clear and firm about your decision so that you may avoid the discomfort that you feel when your boss comes to you with the hope that you will stay.

  1. Give notice before leaving:

Giving the notice prior to leaving the job is a very positive gesture that puts a positive impression on the mind of your employer. Moreover, it gives enough time to your employer to fill your position. If your job is complicated or technical, you may be needed by the company to train the replacement.

Usually, it is mentioned in your job contract and when you should give official notice to your boss. If it is not mentioned, then it is recommended that you give this notice 3 weeks before leaving.

  1. Keep the letter in the accurate format:

There is a specific format that is needed to be followed while writing any formal document. The text of the letter should be single-spaced and there should be one-line space between the paragraphs. Keep the margin on both sides of the paper and keep it aligned to left.



Tips to write a professional resignation letter


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