A sales receipt is an instrument for the customer’s record about what he/she bought, from whom it was bought and how much he/she paid to buy it. It is a proof that the sale was made. There are a number of types of sales receipts formats available. The one that would suit you depends upon the nature of your company and the environment in which the process of sale has occurred. It also depends on whether or not your company provides any services after sale.

Many organizations have receipt payment systems which are used to print sales receipts and using a template is an easy way to formulate the sales receipts for that system. These receipts show and signify about a one-time purchase of product and seines. Each time a different receipt is generated even for the same customer or product.

The sales receipts can be either printed/printable or sent by using email. There are a lot of different sales receipt templates available to choose from. You can select the one which is closest to your set of requirements. A sales receipt has your company name and addresses with a place set for date and receipt code. It also has the name and billing address of your customer and the shipping address too if you provide that service. The receipts show the name and code of the product with a brief description of the product, quantity, price and total amount charged along with the mode of payment by which the customer paid the amount.



sales receipt template


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