My House Cleaning Checklist Template

House Cleaning

House cleaning is an important job which prevents dirt, stains and other forms of filthiness from accumulating around the house. Cleaning up the house can sometimes become very difficult as there are usually many things that need attention, and remembering all of them become a problem. That is why you need to have a proper  cleaning checklist in your house.

A house cleaning checklist is a wonderful tool to manage your household chores in a very effective way. It helps you in getting prepared for guests and sudden events, at all times.


About Template

The cleaning checklist designed in Excel is a great template which allows you to assign each task as per their importance. You can now divide all your cleaning activities in different categories such as weekly, monthly, semi annually, annually and so on. The template successfully enters all your info and divides the chores in categories.


    • Your weekly clean-ups should include furniture, flooring, bed linens
    • Bathrooms, towels, mirrors, sinks
    • Kitchen appliances, utensils, sponges and brushes
    • Living room dustings, electronics, hallways and doors.


    • Dusting ceilings and fans
    • Proper floor cleanings, knobs and light switches
    • Window dusting
    • And other similar tasks


    Annual cleaning usually requires cleaning up the entire house. Some of the things to focus on include:
    • High ledges dusting
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Window washing
    • Discarding or donating unused clothes and other stuff round the house.
    • Refrigerator clean up
    • Cleaning entire kitchen cabinets


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My House Cleaning Checklist Template

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