MS Excel Discount Invoice Template

Discount Invoice

The discount invoice template is a variant of a sales invoice and is used to calculate item totals, discounts if any offered, sales tax and the total payable amount of invoice. There are different types of these invoices which are available for use. Some of these templates include a separate column for discount and others have some other way of mentioning the discount calculations.

The most suitable of all these templates is the one having a separate column for discounts. In these templates, again the method of calculating discount is different and the most commonly used method is to use percentage discount. Since this invoice is available in word and excel format, so you just need to put the right figure and it will calculate the amount of discount you want to offer to your customer and will also apply taxes if applicable and then will automatically give the total payable amount in the end.

About Template

Sometimes, you may want to prefer to show full price charged on the sale of a product or provide services and then want to show the discount on that price separately. For that purpose, in the invoice, on the new line, you can select the same item under product or service for which you want to offer a discount. In the description field, you can then indicate and show that this is the discount or reduction in price that is offered. This invoice is mostly used for the products or services that are sold at some discount and has space for shipping information, the quantity of product, prices and other relevant details like invoice number etc.


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MS Excel Discount Invoice Template

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