Mail merge is a very useful tool which is used to produce multiple labels, letters, envelopes, database, name tags, and spreadsheets. For performing a mail merge letter you will need a word document and a recipient list which is an excel workbook.

Mail merge can be used to create a set of documents. It is used to produce form letter which is sent to many customers. The document created by mail merge has the same kind of information but some of the content may be unique. It is used for generating a personalized letter in which each customer is addressed by his name. The unique content and information in the mail merge letter come from the entries in a data source.


In creating a mail merge letter involves the following steps

  • The main document is set up which contains the graphics and text which are same for each and every version of the mail merged document
  • The document is connected to a data source which is a file which contains all the information required to be merged in a document
  • The list of items or recipients is refined
  • The placeholders known as mail merge fields are added to the document. The mail merge feels are filled with all the information from the data file
  • Each copy of the document is previewed and then the mail merge process is completed. Each copy of the document is printed out. The individual copies of the document can also be changed


mail merge letter


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