Leave Application Letter

There are times when you want to take some time off from work. At other times, it’s an urgency due to which you have to take a leave from work. In professional settings where every single employee is on a tough schedule doing specific tasks, going off without notification can be costly. Leave application letter is a professional way to request for some off time from work. But it is interesting that not all leaves are granted. For some people, their leave application is hardly taken seriously. This is because their application letter is not adequate and convincing enough. What could be the necessary elements for writing a leave application letter? Let’s help you with a few tips;

  • Write your application letter in professional business letter format
  • Don’t try to sharp lame reasons to get a leave. Be honest about why do you want to leave from work
  • If you write your application a little earlier, there are more chances that your leave will be accepted
  • Try to mention dates in which you wish to go on a leave
  • The most convincing leave letter is where the applicant also writes about how things will be managed in his absence
  • If you think your leave is a due right, try to mention the clause of office rules or other relevant law there

Since accepting or rejecting the application depends on your employer, it is, however, your major part as to how you convince him for your leave. There are many ways to write a leave letter, but only a few really work.

To help you write a potential leave application letter, we’re presenting to you our freshly made leave letter sample. Next time, when you wish to take a leave, try using one of our samples and see the results yourself.


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