Kt’s Baby Shower Planner with Checklist

Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower is not always that simple, especially when you have a whole lot of activities to look after for the big day. A baby shower planner is a perfect tool for all those looking forward to planning a baby shower for an exciting event in the family. Not only does this essential tool eliminates confusions but also helps in organizing different activities in a most splendid way.

Baby shower planner template contains everything you require to cover your needs for arranging a perfect baby shower. From games, exciting themes, creative ideas to food planning, invitation ideas and many other impressive features, you can now take care of all your joyful event using this perfect tool.

About Template

If you’re looking for an exciting event for your baby’s shower containing lots of memorable moments and joyous events, then a baby shower planner is the answer to all your needs. Not only does this help you save time in writing a long list of things-to-do and invitations, but also provides a great tool to organize and maintain all forms of data into a single system.


There are many important features in the baby shower planner such as:

  • Quick navigation option.
  • Creating and deleting lists.
  • The new quick add feature.
  • Rearranging items using a drag-n-drop feature.
  • Password protection facility.
  • New and refined color schemes for impressive presentations.
  • External storage facility.
  • Auto-sort option for easy arrangement.
  • An easy email feature for invitations.
  • Tablet support option for convenience.

Preview and Details of Template

Kt's Baby Shower Planner with Checklist

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