Kids Emergency Contact Sheet

Emergency & Kids Contact Details

These days, no one knows when an emergency occurs as it is something that no one has any idea about or any prediction about. Especially with kids, in the time of emergency, it gets very tough to locate them or take care of them. This is why a kids emergency contact sheet is needed and is the best thing to prepare for the emergency before it happens. There are many benefits of an emergency contact sheet as it proves to be a great source of help.

One benefit of such a sheet is the preparation that can be done before the emergency occurs. By filling the sheet in advance, you can alert the caretaker about what to do in the time of emergency. Another benefit is that immediate contact with the family members with the parents of the kid is done and this alerts the parents immediately about the emergency and also it gives them the hope that their kid is fine and safe.

Basic components of a kid emergency contact sheet are as follows:

  1. Emergency Numbers
  2. Hospital name
  3. Doctor Name
  4. Pharmacy Name
  5. Parents’ names
  6. Kids’ names
  7. City
  8. Parents’ numbers
  9. Emergency contact

These are the basic components of a typical kid emergency contact sheet and it contains all the information that is necessary at the time of the emergency. Keeping in mind the benefits, such sheets shall be there all the time.

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kids emergency contact sheet


Emergency Information Sheet for Kids

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