Home Insurance Inspection Checklist

Home Insurance Inspection

Whenever you plan to buy a new house, make sure you know that it is safe and insurable. In order to successfully handle this issue, it is better to call a professional to inspect the house you intend to buy. Not only does it help you in determining the problems with a house, you can also consult the seller for repairing the issues which are present in the house.

A home insurance inspection checklist is a reliable tool for people who are planning to buy a house. It stores details regarding the home areas which need attention and where you should inspect during a house buying process.

About Template

The home insurance inspection template arranges the data and provides a list which you can always consult for help.
Some of the important areas which need to be mentioned in a home inspection checklist are listed below:

  • Doors, walkways, and staircases. All these places must have weatherstripping and thresholds.
  • The movement of all door should be smooth and without any resistance.
  • The drainage system of the house is very important. It is one of the areas where you need to inspect.
  • Flooring is another good area for inspection.
  • Look for any water damages or cracks that need fixtures.
  • If the house contains a fireplace then make sure it operates effectively and must not crumble.
  • Make sure that the pipes are in good condition.
  • Water leakage can cause problems so ensure that the plumbing issues are resolved.
  • Roof and foundation are two important areas.
  • Check for any cracks and leakages to ensure a sensible purchase.

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Home Insurance Inspection Checklist


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