Generic Reference List Template

What is Reference List?

In business activities of various kind references, lists play an important role. Whether you are pursuing an HR activity or a marketing process, the reference lists can be used for various purposes. Reference lists can be of different types and forms. Some people even maintain their personal reference lists to make things easy and convenient for them.

There are mostly two segments in every type of reference list. One consists of the definition of a person who is concerned and the other is the addition of the references. By marking one person you are able to search for the references and their outcomes.

Reference List Template

If you are looking to develop a reference list for your organization or for a personal purpose you can download the sample template. This is a very useful and handy document that can be used to save your time and effort. The sample template is editable and can be modified according to your requirements and needs. You can browse to find many such templates. But you will appreciate our efforts to bring for you this comprehensive template. It is completely editable to personalize accordingly. There are also many other changes that you can bring about in the design of your reference list template.


The reference list template is just one of the many templates that you can utilize to facilitate yourself in this field of work. There are also many other types of documents that can be drafted with these easy to use templates on MS word and MS excel.

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Generic Reference List Template

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