Deposit Receipt


A deposit receipt is a record that the customer has made a payment for a purchase or in advance for any service. It is typically used in banks and leading financial institutions. The deposit is an amount that is fore paid for a service, hospital, hotel, booking of a purchase, payment for rent deed and banks etc.

Deposit receipts are printed as a duplicate so both parties can keep a copy of the receipt. Also, there are terms and conditions written in detail at the footnote of the receipt or the back side of the receipt.

A very generic deposit slip just gives information about the both parties involved in the process resulting in the receipt. Along with the amount of the deposit paid and the purpose of the deposit. But a bank cash deposit receipt is much elaborate and detailed. It holds the following information:

  • The logo and name of the bank
  • The branch code
  • Applicants name
  • Account number
  • Address of the applicant
  • Reason for transaction
  • Contact number
  • The amount of deposit
  • The name of the person whose account is deposited
  • Account number of the receiving party
  • Receipt number
  • If the deposit is through cheque then cheque number
  • If the deposit is through demand draft then the DD number


The deposit receipt is stamped and signed by the person receiving the amount. The templates available for deposit receipts can be selected on the basis of the reason you want the deposit receipt. Whether you are a financial institution or just renting your property will determine what you choose.


deposit receipt


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