Dentist Receipt


A dentist is a doctor that looks after your oral health mainly your teeth and gums. The health of your teeth and gums is equally important as the health of any other part of your body. But in addition to that, nowadays dentists are also responsible for making your smile look beautiful as well.

If you are planning to run a dental clinic or practice as a dentist then getting a dentist receipt is very important. To run a professional business has its requirements and presenting you patients with a detailed receipt is one of them. It not only gives a professional and organized impression to your patients but also helps you to maintain your own records.



You can maintain and present the receipt in printed format or software copy, but in both cases, you would require a dentist receipt template. Selecting a template depends upon the kind of services you provide at your clinic. The information that is most basic to the template is as follows;

  • The name of the clinic
  • The address of the clinic
  • The logo of the clinic
  • The name of the patient
  • The age and gender of the patient
  • The contact information of the patient
  • The registration number in case of a regular patient
  • The date of the visit
  • The number of the visit
  • The reason for the visit
  • The procedure is done on the patient
  • The attending dentist
  • Medication prescribed
  • Follow up date
  • Charges per process
  • Total amount payable
  • The method of payment


dentist receipt


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