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Because of the fast paced life of the present time, more and more people require daycare services for their kids. As a result, more and more day care service centers are opening. Some people use these services daily others use it on occasions but whenever they do, they are charged by being presented with a daycare receipt. A daycare receipt is the acknowledgment of payment in return for day care center services.

The day care accounts are of two kinds, one for regular registration and one for occasional clients. The clients that are registered with daily usage are presented with the daycare receipt on monthly basis and the ones who use occasionally are given the receipt every time when they use day care center. The daycare center receipt holds detail information about the services that are available at the day care center and the ones the client avails.


The receipt has two portions; one that holds information about the day care center and the client, like the logo of the day care center, the name of the day care center, the contact information of the center, the name of the client, the contact information of the client, the emergency numbers that can be called in case the parents can‘t be reached.

The second portion holds the information about the services availed by the client at the day care center, like the number of times the baby needs change of diaper or the timings of the feed to be given to the baby, the kinds of food allowed to be given to the kids, what allergies the suffers from, if any special medication is to be given to the baby, the name of the attendant, the number of hours the day care services were used and the amount of money charged for these services along with the mode of payment.

There are a number of templates available and can be chosen on the basis of preference and requirements.

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Daycare receipt


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