Customer Order Received Invoice

Customer Order Received Invoice

A customer order received an invoice is a form/invoice that is used to inform your customers that you have received their order for delivery of products or services. The details of the order received are also mentioned in this invoice briefly but a descriptive order form is enclosed with this template to inform the customer about the details of order received.

About Template

This invoice template is generally used in situations where there is a time gap between order placement and actual delivery or in other words if you need some time to fulfill the order and in the meanwhile, you inform your customer that you have received the order with order invoice and working on it.

Customer order receives invoice carries the contents including your name, name of your company, complete address of the company, city and the date of sending this invoice. The name of the receiver, title of the receiver, name of that company along with complete address including city and state is also mentioned.


Then comes the most important part of the invoice and that is the body of this invoice. In this part, the recipient is addressed by informing him that you have received the enclosed order from them and are in the process of fulfilling this order.

You also thank them for placing the order and inform them that the details of the order are enclosed with this invoice. Main information about the product like order number and the total amount of product or service is mentioned. You also mention the time required to fulfill the order and request this time. It is also asked if the customer has any query about this order, they can ask about it.

Preview and Details of Template

Purchase Order Receive Invoice
Purchase Order Received Invoice

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Customer Order Receive Invoice


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