Complaint Letter about Canceled Trip


You are all planned and prepared for the upcoming trip. All the joy and happiness is at peak along with financial and resource arrangements done. Well, if you come to know the trip has been canceled just before leaving all of your planning go in vain. It may cause some troubles from finance to job vacations. A complaint letter can be written to highlight trouble created due to the cancellation of the trip.

The contents which should be included in a complaint letter about canceled trip are as follows

  • It should include your address, name and your work and home contact numbers
  • The letter can be handwritten or printed. If you prefer writing a complaint letter with your hand then make sure that it is easy to read and neat and with a good hand writing
  • Make your complaint letter brief and straightforward. Include all the information about the trip which should include the date and place of the trip and all other information
  • State what you want to be done for the canceled trip and in how much days you want the problem of canceled trip to be solved
  • Include all the documents and slip of the trip in the letter
  • Always send the copy of the letter and keep the original ones in your record
  • Don’t use aggressive words and avoid writing any sarcastic, angry or threatening letter.
  • Keep a copy of complaint letter about canceled trip to your record
  • Write about the background of the trip in the letter so that the reader should know the whole scenario and he should make efforts to solve the problem


complaint letter about cancelled trip



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