Child Medication Log

Childhood Sickness & Medication Schedules

Children are prone to a lot of ailments and fall sick more often. This is mainly because of their diet or because of their lack of care when playing outside. If your child is down with a fever, flu or etc. a proper dosage of medication is prescribed by the doctor. This medication needs to be taken in specific amounts and at specific times. For example, a cough syrup must be taken just before sleeping while a pill needs to be given after a meal. All of this needs to be recorded in a proper manner to ensure that the dosage is given on time without fail.

A medication log would better help with documentation and recording. Make sure you clearly mention what your child is suffering from along with what the doctor has prescribed your child and at what time does the medication need to be taken. After mentioning these details, make a time column where you mention the exact time at which you gave your child the dosage.

Along with the time column, make a notes column where you write in if the child ate something or not and if he had a temperature or not. Next, to the notes column, make an observation column that notes down whether or not the child is healing or not.


The child medication log needs to be handled very responsibly so, in the case of any complication or any problem, you have proof of his/her medication.

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