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Warning Letter for Unacceptable Attitude

A warning letter is being issued to the employee for his unethical behavior that

Pregnancy Confirmation Letter

Pregnancy confirmation letter is written by the doctor to verify the news of the

Proof of Employment Letter

There is numerous cases or situation in which person needs to verify his job

Warning Letter for Physical Assault

Rational behavior of someone can harm the people in the vicinity. Various situations arise

Interview Request Rejection Letter

Sometimes you realize that the job for which you have applied is no longer

Employee Recommendation Letters

Recommendation letters If you want to recommend any of your friends or colleagues for

Academic Recommendation Letters

Academic recommendation letters are written for many purposes including writing for the recommendation to

Recommendation Letters for Coworker

Coworkers are the people who work with you. You tend to develop a harmony

Complaint Letter for Unsanitary Condition

Cleanliness is very important in daily life. Physical cleanliness is as much important as

Complaint Letter for Illegal Parking

As time is passing by, parking has got an important and challenging place in

Recommendation Letters

Have you ever been asked to write a business letter? Well if yes, then

Top Ten (10) Letters of 2017

New Hiring Strategy Approval Letter Hiring strategy plays the most important role in the

Show Cause Notices

The Notices Show Cause notice is kind of an appraisal that requires the recipient,

Reimbursement Request Form & Letters

Reimbursement forms are one of very commonly used documents in the business world. The

Laundry Service Complaint Letter

Clients have some rights. They’re also valuable since they are the ones because of