Business Gift Certificate Template

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are used by businesses to provide a more personalized service to the customers. These certificates allow the customers to feel a sense of appreciation for the service.

Though the practice is becoming more common with time these are majorly used as loyalty programs for most frequent buyers or clients or renowned businesses. With the globalization of businesses and integration of internet in almost all of our dealings; online businesses have become a huge market for people all over the globe.

Services of all sorts use gift certificates to appreciate their customers and to provide them a more enhanced shopping experience. People use such certificates to offer a more personalized gift to their loved one and feel special at the same time by consuming such an offer.


Statistics have shown that a visible increase in overall sales is experienced by services through this offer. After the introduction of gift certificates, many services have reported doubling of their annual sales.

The gift certificate template allows businesses to create a personalized sample template specific to their service.

The sample template is easy to understand and can be downloaded on to your personal computers absolutely without any cost. The template allows you to provide this amazing offer to your customers without incurring extra costs of designing the certificate.

Microsoft Word is required by the user in order to operate this simple template. The product box can be replaced with the product or service of the business and rest is taken care of.


Business Gift Certificate Template