Blood Pressure Tracker with Chart

Blood Pressure Chart

Blood pressure is nowadays a common disease; every one out of three people has blood pressure. The normal blood pressure for an average person is systolic 120 and diastolic 80 mmHg. Systolic are the upper two numbers it’s when the heart beats or heart muscles contract. And diastolic are the lower two numbers it’s referred to the relaxation of heart muscles.

One can suffer from this disorder from the age of twenty. As the average blood pressure rate is 120/80 mmHg, do not doubt that you are suffering if a single reading shows a different result, it may be of different reasons. Staying or getting the result in a short time of different figures now is the alarming situation. The blood pressure is diagnosed at 140/90 mmHg. It is physically impossible to have a consultant around you throughout the day, for this doctor asks their patients to keep a check on the blood pressure at home and record the reading on the chart. This technique helps the patients to be accurate and confident in controlling it.

As we are talking about the tracking chart, one must draw a simple card to use it easily. It may comprise of three columns and a goal, defining the desired rate of flow. The first column must be named as Date, the second column be for the time and the third column must be named as Blood Pressure.


Now all you have to do is check the blood pressure and right the readings in the column and fill the other two columns accordingly. You may share the result card with your doctor upon meeting for further medication and tips of controlling.

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blood pressure tracker template


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blood pressure tracker template


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