Blood Glucose Testing Record Sheet

Blood Glucose & Data Record Sheets

People suffering diabetes sure, check the glucose level in their blood. But where to record them and how to prevent getting higher levels of glucose in blood are questions in everyone’s mind? Prevention is better than cure, it’s the most popular saying so we should act upon it. Checking your sugar level and recording it in the diary daily, weekly, or monthly can help you keep the sugar under control. As we do have the right tools to measure the glucose levels, our responsibility is limited to just recording, the rest is handled by the consultant. Keeping the record of the levels in a diary is a most common act of precautions. If one is on partially permanent medication he or she can maintain a weekly or monthly diary.

Here are some of the tips which will help you in a better recording. Keep the note of the medicines you are on and how much amount of the drug you are consuming. Also, write the levels of glucose after exercise or during illness as they both affect the sugar levels. Note down the delays in meal consumption or if you are fasting keep a note and track of it too.

Performing the tests before and after the meals can help you spot the trend of levels rising or falling. For instance consuming the extra amount of calories and carbohydrates may boost up the levels. So if the test has been performed before this will be a helpful technique. Look for the highest number in certain part of the day or after the medication to know how well medicine and your body are cooperating.


Keep the track of these results in your diary and consult with a doctor or family physician for betterment. In the case of diabetes doctors mostly use a line “Progress not Perfection”.

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