Baby’s First Food Log

Baby Care & Feeding Schedules

Feeding a child is a matter of extreme caution. It is broadly recognized that a new born child will feed on mother’s milk and will keep on feeding on it as his/her first feeding. Mothers are often worried regarding the baby’s first nutrition and face confusion as to what to feed their child and when to start feeding soft diets? Physicians recommend that after the 6th-month mothers should start feeding their baby with soft diets.

Suggested foods that can be fed to your baby at sixth and eighth months are cereal and grains which include rice barley and oats. Fruits are healthy for a child or for an adult that is fruits must be included in the diet plan. Veggie mixes are incredible to offer in this historic period. Warrant that the sum of what veggies have been already proposed with no response preceding blending and coordinating. Following 8 months old you may wish to have a go at offering delicately cooked veggies indices or little bits and pieces.

To record what your child is eating, it is advised that a baby’s first food log is made. Although these charts are provided by hospitals, many parents prefer making their own log. This log needs to document everything that the baby eats for the first time. Make sure you mention the age of the baby at the time you’re feeding your baby and the quantity. You can take this log to the pediatrician for a better insight if you’re on the right track!


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